Whale Watching Cruises and Sightseeing Day Cruises – Essential Items You Should Have

You’ve selected one or more of the whale watching cruises or a sightseeing day cruise at your destination. But what will you need for your day on board?

Here are essential items you should have with you for any sightseeing day cruise or boat cruise.

Sun Protection

More or less anywhere you go globally at mostly of the year, you ought to protect yourself against the sun. Hat, dark glasses, long sleeved clothes and sunscreen. Zinc blank out is good for lips, noses and other highly exposed areas. The coolness created by the water can force you to be feel you are not burning, but you most likely are. Easier to be safe than sorry.

Water Protection

My favorite item to pack for just about any trip is a cagoule ( a.k.a. a cagoole, windcheater, spray jacket amongst other names). It is a lightweight waterproof jacket that easily fits into a small carry pouch. I first became aware of these very helpful jackets when I was an adolescent strolling in the English hillside country. We lived in them! Later on I discovered them to be one of the most versatile items I could pack on an journey. I literally don’t leave without one. On a boat, they are useful for keeping you both dry and keeping you warm if the wind whips up. Whale watching cruises are often accepted at different weather. If it is blowing a gale, most likely you won’t go, but a little light rain and chop and you will be happy of the comfort gained by not getting wet through!


Personally, I think taking both sorts of camera is the foremost option. Most still cameras today have a fixed video alternative and most video cameras have a fixed still alternative. For the most flexibility and best results I would take both styles of cameras. It is worthwhile brushing up on how your cameras work before you go, so you can take fantastic pictures of whales or other marine animals without fumbling and missing the best shots!

Seasickness or Motion Sickness Remedy

Everyone has their favorite thing to help them not feel motion affliction. Presently, I tend to take the ginger tablets, because they are simple to swallow even for the kids and they are only ginger and little else. I like natural! I in addition have used wristbands a long time ago and I found they worked for me too. I’m not a follower of anything stronger as I personally don’t think they’re necessary. And I do get sea sick so I am not saying this as someone who does not ever get that terrible feeling of motion affliction. The’re loads of different ways to help avoid sea sickness.


Water is so important. I carry water everywhere, even though I know I can get it on board, I prefer to be in charge of mine bottle! And I encourage my kids to carry their own personal too. Water is invariably the best thing to drink. Avoid overly sweet drinks as they get you to more thirsty and rich milky drinks will get you to more at risk of sea affliction.


Most whale watching cruises and day cruise boats will have some snacks available either as area of the package or obtainable. I always prefer to take my own because then I know I have what I need. On a boat I will take both dry sweet biscuits and dry salty biscuits. The sweet ones may be gingernuts, gingersnaps or just plain milk arrowroot, and the salty might be saltines or crackers.

Six must haves to take on whale watching cruises and day cruises. The’re a great many other things you may take, but these six are a good essential pack to get you commenced.

Sun Protection

Water Protective cover

Video Camera and/or Still Camera

Sea sickness remedy



Whale Watching – Growth of This Tourism Industry

Possibly it’s mainly because its murky depths are one of the few places we haven’t yet absorbed, but the ocean and all creatures that reside beneath the waves have long been a fascination of mankind. We depend on the ocean for nourishment that supports survive land. It can hold life or death, and just like the remainder of our planet, as it becomes an advertisement playground, even its residents grow to be our entertainment. Maybe whales are fascinating owing to their mammoth size, or it perhaps its as a consequence of our shared require for oxygen. Whatever the connection is, whale viewing tours have grow to be large business all over the world.

Individuals have in all probability been viewing whales for all of time, hoping to catch rare, brief glimpses in the massive creatures while out casting their nets, but whale viewing as an organized activity dates back towards the early 1950s. The initial groups observed the creatures from the land. The Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego was designated as the very first official place for the public to look at whales. A couple of years later, the premier water-based tour was established, charging $1 per customer.

More than earlier times five decades, the leisure pursuit of whale viewing has grown to take pleasure from increasing popularity on East Coast on the United States too. The’re big categories of Humpback Whales near a few of the larger cities near the Atlantic, a breed famous for its playful, grand guests. Its diving and tail slapping are certain to draw a happy crowd. Their close to clusters of men and women ensures they are a convenient spectacle. The trend has continued to increase in size and, according to a 1998 study, is now operating to some extent in far more than 80 countries everywhere around the world.

There are many unusual variety of whales all through the world’s waters, and a minimum of as a great many ways to observe them. You are able to remain on dry land, appreciate and aerial view from a small plane or helicopter, or even take a cruise. It is possible to kill an hour, a complete day, or a few weeks. It may cost up to thousands of dollars per individual, or as little as it takes to buy a movie ticket.

If a whale viewing excursion is part of your vacation itinerary, it might be a good idea not to schedule quite stringently at the time of your tour. The ocean isn’t the identical to going to the zoo. You’ll be addressing real, untamed animals that will not conform to a time slot. It’s very much a “hurry up and wait” kind of activity, and as such, may not be appropriate for smaller children.

Like many of our natural resources, some kinds of whales have been hunted to near extinction. Most animal rights and environmental groups support whale viewing pursuits because they draw attention to the problem without being quite invasive towards the animals. A little great press can go along way to making men and women realize what a precious resource nature is. Having the chance to witness the majesty of whales in their natural habitat is the best way to impress upon folks what is at stake if we take no steps to safeguard the animals and their homes.

Whale Watching Tours

When you think of whale watching tours, what do you picture? Are you imagining yourself on the beaches of Hawaii? Or are you floating past glaciers in Alaska? Do you want to see the playful humpback whales or the largest species on Earth, which are the blue whales? Are you in search of killer whales and belugas? A whale watching adventure is an unforgettable experience, but there are many different ports around the world to leave from and there are many different types of boats that set sail for the open waters. In this article, you will learn about some of the whale watching hotspots.

In the North, Washington and Alaska offer the most popular whale watching tours. From Seattle, the season for whale watching runs from April through September, where sightings of killer and gray whales are 98% guaranteed. Popular tour operators include Clipper Vacations, Island Adventures Inc, Outdoor Odysseys, Puget Sound Express or Mystic Sea Charters. The nearby San Juan Islands are one of the world’s best places if you’re interested in seeing southern resident orcas or transient killer whales. For more information, check out San Juan Safaris, San Juan Outfitters or San Juan Excursions. Island Mariner Cruises based out of Bellingham, Washington offers views of minkes, killers and grays. In Alaska, start out of Seward, Whittier or Homer to glimpse hundreds of humpbacks and orcas, particularly in August when the whales are most active. Tour operators include Alaska Whale Watching, Kenai Fjords, Alaska Whale Watching Tours and Sikumi.

In the West, you can take whale watching tours out of California or Hawaii. The great whale migration takes place all down the California coast, making whale watching in California some of the best in the world. Here you may see blue, humpback, gray, sperm and killer whales, not to mention other unique animals like Pacific white-sided dolphins, porpoises, loons, pelicans and puffins. Visit San Francisco Whale Tours, Whale Watching Southern California, Captain Dave’s Whale and Dolphin Safari, California Whale Adventures, Harbor Breeze Cruises or Monterey Whale Watching for more information. Hawaii is the most popular playground for more than 6,000 humpbacks from November through May, so check out operators like the Pacific Whale Foundation, Aloha Hawaii Vacations or Hawaiian Discount for more cruise information.


Experience Whale Watching on Rosarito Beach

Mexico is a country known for its tropical appeal and lush vegetation. Most people traveling to Mexico visit the popular cities of Cancun, Tijuana, and Cabo San Lucas. These places are distinguished for having miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and genuine Mexican cuisine. But there’s another beautiful area of Mexico that’s a well-kept secret – Rosarito Beach. Located a short distance from the shores of Baja, California, Rosarito Beach provides an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its finest. This stretch of private paradise is famous for sights of the grey whale, and is most notable for great kayaking adventures.

If you take advantage of the kayaking opportunities available on Rosarito Beach, you’re sure to get up close and personal with the magnificent whales that inhibit the area. Rosarito Beach is located just south of the pacific coast of Baja, California, which is also known to be famous of spotting glimpses of the grey whale. You’re most likely to meet the whales during the winter months of December and January in Rosarito Beach. This is the time of year when whales make the journey from their home in the Arctic Ocean to take in the warmth of Rosarito Beach, and begin their mating and birthing season. Traveling by kayak along the waters of Rosarito Beach provides you the ultimate opportunity to take pictures, view the whales through binoculars, and simply take in the wonders of watching these amazing creatures you otherwise would never have the chance to see.

While you’re paddling through the waters of Rosarito Beach, be sure to try your hand at fishing. This would be very easy to accomplish if you plan to kayak through the waters. The waters of Rosarito Beach are known to have a wide variety of fish, and you’re likely to have the most luck just off the Coronado Islands. (These tiny, uninhibited islands are located northwest of the Rosarito Beach shoreline.) Even people who have never caught a fish before succeed around Coronado Islands!

Along with whales and fish, you are also likely to spot sea lions, manatee, and tropical birds along the shoreline of Rosarito Beach if you kayak during the warmer months. Not only will you have this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some amazing wildlife, but you’ll also be given the opportunity to experience great photography.

Most kayaking and whale watching tours in Rosarito Beach are daytime excursions, but there are some tours that offer camping as part of an overnight addition to the tour. If you choose an overnight tour, you will set up camp along the sandy beaches of the tiny surrounding islands of Rosarito Beach. What better way to view a tropical sunset? Although most kayaking tours in Rosarito Beach are not physically challenging, you will need to be in average physical shape to participate. The waters in this area can be a bit wavy or rough at times due to the inhibiting whales, but can still be paddled through by the average person.

Prince Edward Island, Canada – A Coastal Adventure

For the twin pleasures of bustling, international cities and miles of breathtaking unspoilt countryside, the Atlantic side of Canada is the place to visit. Known as the Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are an excellent focus for a coastal adventure peppered with fun night life and the chance to get up close to the natural habitat of rare bird and animal species. Halifax and Nova Scotia

A tour might usefully start in Halifax, Nova Scotia (5.5 hours flying time from the UK). Halifax is a lively city with a deep connection to the UK as a formed British dependency. You can visit Citadel Hill with its 19th-century star-shaped fort (a National Historic Site of Canada), the Public Gardens, the fascinating harbour front with its military heritage. You might also visit Fairview Cemetery, where over 100 people who died on the doomed liner Titanic have found their resting place. The waterfront also has numerous traditional pubs offering local ales and Gaelic tunes, a reminder of course, that these parts were first settled by Scottish Highlanders – hence the name “New Scotland” – Nova Scotia.

Halifax is also the base for a tour to one of the most photographed locations n Canada, Peggy’s Cove, which is overlooked by Canada’s only light house which has a post office.

Cape Breton Island

After Halifax, a trip to Cape Breton Island, said to be one of the earliest European settlements in North America, can be followed by a stay in Baddeck. Baddeck has the Museum dedicated to former summer resident and famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Baddeck also gives you the base for the Cabot Trail, a circular tour on a highway carved high into the mountains, taking in Cape Breton National Park and several traditional village where Scottish customs are still the norm.

Prince Edward Island

Travelling from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island is by ferry from Caribou to Charlottetwon across the Northumbria Strait. Historic Charlottetown is where the Union of Canada was discussed and ratified in 1864, and is the island’s capital. The city also has the colourful Great George Street and the restored and bustling waterfront. It is also the gateway to the rest of Price Edward Island, which includes the superb PEI National Park with its sand dunes, sandstone cliffs, forests, salt marshes and some excellent beaches.

New Brunswick

Onwards from Price Edward Island to New Brunswick is an experience in itself, via the 8-mile Confederation Bridge. Here you can visit the Arcadian villages of Boutouche and Le Pays de Sagouine, this latter being a lively village with theatre, music, comedy and live entertainment all geared to the unique Arcadian culture. You might also want to try catching your own lobster and enjoying a fine seafood dinner on board a specially-organised cruise.

Other New Brunswick towns to visit are Monckton and of course Fredericton, the capital, both with plenty of themed history re-creating the life and times of the early settlers.

St John and the Bay of Fundy

After Fredericton you might travel to St John and the Bay of Fundy, with its concentration of over 20 species of whale including Minkes, Finbacks, Humpbacks and the rare Right Whale. Cruises operate to ensure you have every chance to see these magnificent creatures.

Saint John itself has its own charm, with easy style and plenty of good restaurants with local specialities including fiddleheads (violin-shaped ferns that grow along the riverbanks), tarte au sucre (a Brayonnne sugar pie) or poutine (grated raw and mashed potatoes wrapped around fresh pork). It has the Old City Market and the fascinating “Reversing Falls” where water flows backwards due to the force of incoming tides.

The route back to Halifax, takes you via Hopewell Rocks, where you can see the world’s highest tides which can rise to an amazing 50 metres.

There is a great deal to discover in this region of Canada – easily managed by self drive car hire and local tours, but equally lending itself to a 14 or 18 day coach tour for those who prefer to leave the driving and planning to others.

Mexico Whale Watching and Honeymoon – Palmilla Spa

We chose The One and Only Palmilla as the Best of Mexico honeymoon places purely by what we had read online, and because of the conversations we had with the hotel staff. To say we were pleased with our choice would be an understatement, because not only was the resort everything we could have asked for and more, there were two other bonuses we had not even bargained for.

The first was to be able not only to go whale watching in the Pacific Ocean near Baja, in fact off the beach close to the resort, but in addition the One and Only Palmilla Spa cuisine.

I think it will be the image of the whale I will remember forever, but the One and Only Palmilla came a very close second.

The Palmilla is an extraordinary resort from the food, the ambience, the lovely suite, the butler, the golf course, and of course the prices!!

This isn’t a cheap , but when a girl is on her honeymoon at the very best of Mexico honeymoon places, who cares what it costs. Drinks and food are expensive, even allowing for huge portions, and enough alcohol to drown a sailor, but hopefully the prices keep out the kind of people you don’t really want to be in a resort with!!

I digress from describing the One; Only Palmilla, but it is important to know these things.

The service is incredible, and it never ends. You are taken to your room in a Hummer, introduced to your butler, who is your s and totally yours alone. He will get you whatever you want, from reservations, to ice, drinks wherever you are. Nothing is too much trouble, and sometimes we felt embarrassed to ask!!

You can even get a sniff of oxygen by the pool, or your sunglasses brought, even a room upgrade, to find he has placed all your clothes exactly where they were, just in the new room.

The suites are fantastic, with living room, bedroom, and huge bathroom, and a very large patio, with a rain shower, loads of products which are replenished frequently. Great beds, a day bed on the patio, and not only a wonderful ocean view, but even a whale watching telescope!!

The infinity pool is fabulous, beautiful beach, stunning grounds, and food to die for. The spa is phenomenal with a relaxation area with a hot and cold plunge pool.

I have to finish with the food. Every meal was a joy, there wasn’t a bad meal during our stay.

The best of Mexico Honeymoon places is the One and Only Palmilla

Patagonia – One Of The Best Places For Whale Watching

While they once numbered in the millions, many whales are actually very close to extinction due to the whaling ships of the time who would go out and slaughter these animals for the blubber and other parts of the body that were used to make a good many products over the years. The eventual increase in value for whale ivory made the slaughter continue all the way through until the past few years where whaling ships have been banned from hunting anywhere in the world.

This was a grand day as the number of whales is starting to increase and today the people of the world are able to view these magnificent animals in their natural habitat and during the mating ritual. Unlike other sea bound creatures, whales do not have a natural fear of man and will readily display and play for the many people who come out to watch them.

Patagonia in South America is one of the best places on Earth to watch whales. The Southern Right whale uses this area as its primary mating ground, and they swim in by the thousands every year to mate and roll in the surf. This brings great delight to the locals and the tourists who flock to the area every year for the simple purpose of whale watching.

The mating ritual of the whales is impressive to say the least. Not only are they rolling around to attract other mates, but the males will perform spectacular jumps, lifting their enormous bodies out of the water and then crashing while displacing thousands of gallons of water at the same time. This will continue for many days as the couples begin to pair off. The boat trips that are offered in this area take you right into the middle of the action. The whales are familiar with the boats and seem to know what the people want to see. It is not uncommon to have several whales surround a boat and perform for the crowd that is happily looking on. This is the whole reason for the trip.

The Nuevo Gulf in South Patagonia is the best place to find whale watching in top condition. This area holds the Fauna Reserve which is a whale protected area where hunting and fishing is illegal. The area is home to some of the largest whales that can be found anywhere.

The open sea is a dangerous place for many of the whales in the world. Even though there is a world wide ban on whaling, some companies still operate pirate operations that will take hundreds of whales every year. The governments of the surrounding countries are working hard to toughen the laws and increase the penalty for whaling. One whale will make over one hundred thousand dollars worth of income for the capture on the black market. The fine for taking a whale is only twenty thousand.

Making The Most Of Whale Watching Tours

Nothing completes a sun, sand and sea holiday quite like whale watching tours. Offering this activity have grown in number through the years, and it now ranks as among those experiences everyone needs to have at least once in their life!

To make the most of your tour, some planning may be in order. Just follow these tips to make sure your whale watching adventure is the once-in a lifetime experience you’d like it to be!

Choose A Reputable Company For Your Whale Watching Tours

While this one is fairly obvious, some people don’t spend enough time researching looking into the company running the whale watching tours. While many licensed operators are quite conscientious and offer good value for money, it still pays to make sure what you get matches what you think you will be getting.

A little research can match you with exactly the right company for your specific requirements. A family with young children, for instance, may require different kind of whale watching tours from one composed of a group of adventurously athletic swimmers and divers. Paying a little attention to what different tour companies have to offer can make the holiday even more perfect.

Get Ready For a Good Time

Enough rest, eating properly, and making sure you’re well hydrated before and during whale watching tours ensures that you’re in tiptop shape to enjoy your adventure. Seasickness can quickly take the wind out of your sails, so to speak, so take precautions.

Dress For The Weather

How you dress is highly dependent on the location and time of year, so check out the weather and temperature in the area of prospective whale watching tours. Still, the climate on shore can be very different from out on the open sea where winds and spray can lower the temperature, so it would be a good idea to dress in layers so you can add and subtract articles of clothing to make sure you’re always dressed comfortably whatever the weather. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Capture Your Memories

Bring a good camera to document the greatest moments of your whale watching tour. Stay alert though – you never know when one of those magnificent creatures will decide to jump up for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. While SLR and DSLR cameras are always best, many people have been successful using camera phones and compact point-and-shoot digital cameras. Tip: using the burst mode or continuous shooting mode can ensure you’ll always have at least a couple of good shots. If this is not an option, use the video setting instead. And make sure whatever photographic equipment you bring has a strap!

Enjoy the Moment

People often spend too much time taking videos and photos to truly enjoy their whale watching tours. There’s nothing like the feeling of watching these great whales swimming, jumping and spouting water in real time, so take time off from behind the camera to enjoy their show.

Alaska Cruise Tour From Anchorage

How can you make sure that you get the most out of your after in a lifetime trip? What are the greatest sites to see to experience the attractiveness and culture of America’s arctic state? Here are some of the greatest day trips offered in the state of Alaska.

In Juneau, you will want to pay a visit to Admiralty Island to practical knowledge their bear viewing safari package deal that they offer you. You will board a seaplane in Juneau and land on Admiralty Island, wherever you will be ready to photograph bears securely at their eating grounds. The Taku Glacier Lodge flight and feast package deal is a different wonderful solution. You will fly to a wilderness lodge and appreciate eating a smoked salmon lunch, though hunting for native wildlife on the several trails all-around the lodge. If you are interested in viewing Alaska’s famed glaciers, then get the Glacier Bay National Park Cruise, which is a day cruise all around the Nationwide Park wherever you will revel in the splendor of these icy mountains, while studying the background of their development.

In Haines, you can see some of the world’s most rare birds, the American Bald Eagle. You can take the Eagle Preserve Float trip, which floats you by way of the Chilkat Valley, wherever these majestic birds have been nesting for several decades. You will also be able to experience the splendor of glaciers towering over you although taking your 4-hour trip. To see the native folks of Alaska, contemplate taking the Tlingit Village of Klukwan tour. This tour will allow you to check out some of the standard customs of the men and women native to the area.

If your visit can take you to Seward, you will want to look at the Wilderness Sled Dog Experience. This tour lets you to knowledge the thrill of the sled dog group doing work as one particular to pull you by way of the wilderness. Do not be troubled if there is not an abundant total of snow, due to the fact these specifically intended sleds do the job with or not having the white things. Be sure to devote some time viewing the puppies on the web-site! Seward is also an fantastic place to do a Helicopter tour. You will soar over some of America’s most treasured mountains and also consider a quick hike on Godwin Glacier. While on Godwin Glacier, you can knowledge working a team of snow dogs, no matter what the time!

If you make a decision to shell out your Alaskan trip in Anchorage, then you will want to practical experience the Portage Glacier Cruise. This is an cost-effective way to investigate the icebergs that make Alaska well known. It only lasts an hour, so you could possibly want to incorporate the optional Anchorage Town Tour, which will make it possible for you to investigate the native historical past of Alaska’s biggest metropolis. Anchorage is a wonderful city to base a day trip to Denali National Park. You can fly there from Anchorage and get a bus tour of the park. This is the very best way to be certain that you spot some of the wildlife though in the park. This is an all day trip, so pack a great deal of drinking water and snacks! To view marine wildlife, head to the Kenai Fjords Nationwide Park Cruise, the place you will see the coastline of Alaska and several of its marine animals. Continue to keep your eyes peeled to spot a whale!

Amazing Maui Whale Watching – A Hawaiian Vacation Must Do

While in Maui whale watching is a must do. No Hawaiian vacation is complete without getting the opportunity to see beautiful and majestic humpback whales. There are so many ways to take advantage of whale watching, but there are a few things that are important to know before heading out on a whale watching adventure.

While in Maui, whale watching you will see only humpback whales which are the fifth largest whales in the world. The pods of whales that come to Maui spend their summers in the Northern Pacific near Alaska. In the fall these same whales migrate to the waters near Hawaii to give birth. Maui is one of the most favored places to whale watch because the whales come in so close to the shoreline.

Maui whale watching is great because there are over 3,500 humpback whales that come to the islands each year to give birth. This makes Maui one of the primary mating and birthing places for the whales.

For those who would rather stay ashore, whale watching in Maui is still possible. Misty vapors spouting up could be a whale, also seeing large splashes is a good sign there is a whale. There are also many whale watching cruises where tourists can get up close and personal with some whales. To see whales within about 10 minutes, be sure to do a boat tour on the subject.

Maui whale watching can happen anytime from December to May, but the peak months for seeing whales are January, February, March, and April. Most of the whale cruises will guarantee that their customers will see whales out on a trip, this is how likely it is to spot a while during these peak times.

Some cruises will just take people out and bring them back, but others offer naturalist talks and fun free items like posters and take home information on the humpback whales.

Know that when in Maui whale watching can only happen from 100 yards away. This means that the boat cannot approach the whale, but it is okay for the whales to approach the boats and often they do. Some even swim right underneath the boat. Many cruises will also offer a period of hydrophone singing where customers are able to hear the beautiful calling of male whales with a special under water microphone.