Whale Watching Cruise – Vancouver Island


In 2010, Travel and Leisure magazine named Vancouver Island one of North America’s Best Whale Watching Spots. Operating out of Telegraph Cove, on the north eastern part of Vancouver Island, you can cruise the calm protected waters of the Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Archipelago. Visit the waters of north Vancouver Island for prime whale watching tours from Telegraph Cove, Port McNeill and Alert Bay. Tours also depart from north Island docks in Port McNeill, Port Hardy and Alert Bay.


With the guidance of a trained onboard naturalist, you will be taken on a Whale and Sealife Search where in addition to whales you will be on the lookout for migratory birds, bald eagles, the playful Dall’s porpoises, seals, otters and other area wildlife.

whale watching cruise vancouver island

In addition to killer whales, minke, humpback and gray whales, you may see Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dall’s porpoise, harbour porpoise, harbour seals, elephant seals, California sea lions, Steller sea lions, bald eagles, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, and cormorants.


The island is, in addition, home to some of nature’s most spectacular creatures — orcas, humpbacks, porpoises, sea lions, seals, and bald eagles. One can expect to get very close and almost personal with Grizzlies, Sea Lions, Seals, Humpback Whales, Orcas, eagles and black bears, all from safe viewing situations.

Other marine animal species you will see in the area include Dall’s porpoises, Pacific white-sided dolphins, California sea lions, Stellar’s sea lions, harbour seals, and elephant seals, and a splendid variety of seabirds on your whale watching tour.

whale watching cruise vancouver island


At the north end of Vancouver Island, a number of prime whale watching areas exist. Campbell River boasts the highest percentage of whale watching operations per capita on the Island. Every year, orcas, also known as killer whales, travel in Blackfish Sound and Johnstone Strait.

Johnstone Strait is internationally renowned as the finest place in the world to view the Orcas or Killer Whales in the wild. You can find whale watching companies based in North Island coastal communities like Telegraph Cove, Port McNeill, Alert Bay and Port Hardy.

Most of the killer whales roaming these seas are “regulars” and many of them have been given a kind of “serial number” as they all can be uniquely identified. Summer is the best time to visit Vancouver.

whale watching cruise vancouver island

The island is, in addition, home to some of the top world class scuba diving sites on earth. The destination is, in addition, home to an observatory, where you are able to gaze in the stars with one of the greatest telescopes in Canada, and several smaller ones. An excellent place for a family vacation. Other activities include going ocean kayaking or canoeing in the event the waters aren’t so dangerous.

The island also provides several excellent hotels. In addition, it is the ideal place to delight in seafood and to relish Vancouver’s most acclaimed wines and beers. Additionally, There are 3 restaurants within the complex, the most famous one may be the Underwater Restaurant where you are able to dine surrounded by a huge aquarium.

Whale Watching In San Diego

Thousands arrived at sites frequented by whales like San Diego for whale watching tours. Humans have been in awe of whales – those gentle marine mammals known for their amusing acrobatic behavior.

The coastline of San Diego, the second largest city in California, is home to several territories where whales are recognized to pass throughout their annual migration. In this migration, approximately 26, 000 whales travel 10, 000 miles from the chilly Arctic Ocean to the warmer waters of Baja California, the northernmost state of Mexico. Known because of its pleasant weather throughout every season,

Baja California is where female whales give birth with their offspring. Nowadays, watching these whales has changed into a widely popular activity among families and schools who troop to the site for recreational, scientific or educational purposes.

Whale watchers especially wait for the whales’ amusing behaviors such as for example breaching or lunging, where they leap from the water then crash down, making a huge splash of the ocean water. Whales are also known to perform spy-hopping, or rising and holding a situation with the body partially above the water while looking around, and lob-tailing, by which they slap their flukes and flippers contrary to the water.

Whale watching being an organized activity is thought to have begun in 1950 when city officials declared the Cabrillo National Monument in North park a whale watching spot for the public. The activity has indeed risen in popularity, with some estimating that the industry now fetches around $1 billion annually in places around the world. Resource Box: Hike Bike Kayak, Inc. arranges kayaking tours for those who want the ultimate San diego whale watching experience.



Whale Watching – Things to Consider


Whale watching is the biggest show on earth. With the ocean as their stage, the spellbinding and entertaining whales put on daily star performances for the whale watch cruises visiting their feeding grounds. In this article you’ll discover how to get the most out of your trip.

Picture this… a warm summer afternoon on a boat in a gentle rolling ocean. A cooling breeze softly massages your face where you sit, and you begin to close your eyes and drift away… the sound of the boat’s engine begins to fade and finally stops. The boat, like you, is drifting over the waves and following the breeze. It’s very peaceful and calm and after a stressful week at work you finally feel in harmony with the world.

Then something explodes… out of the water… and only a few feet from your nose!   A 30-ton humpback… the length of a large house… it breaches… and in another second is gone. And you’re left in disbelief and wonder. And it’s just the start of your whale watching!

While whales are scattered throughout the world there’s only a handful of accessible locations to view them in their natural environment.  The coastal waters of New England and the west coast of North America are prime locations for whale watching.  Hawaii and South Africa are also superb locations to spot whales, as are the ocean waters around New Zealand. So if a vacation or trip takes you to any of these areas make sure you book a cruise and take in the biggest show on earth.

Here’s five things to remember to ensure you have an enjoyable whale watch.


It may seem obvious but book in advance for your trip to avoid long lines or even disappointment. Usually at least one week before the trip is recommended. Whale watching cruises can last anywhere from 3 hours to 41/2 hours, and the length depends on how long it takes to find the whales. If you’re easily bored staring at the open ocean then take along a novel or your iPod, or something to entertain young children if they’re part of  your group. While most boats are equipped with a place to buy food and drink they don’t usually mind you taking your own pack lunch or snacks to keep the costs down.


I’ve two criteria when I choose a whale watch cruise company. How long have they been in business and does it have whale experts on staff? You can usually uncover this information by checking out their web site or calling them.

Most whale watch boats use sophisticated sonar and communications equipment to find the whales, but as I’m not an expert in equipment I look to see if a company has a history of organizing whale watch trips. Good experience is usually a sign they’re doing something right and a safe bet. I also like to see at least one scientist or naturalist on the crew narrating the tour, as having a knowledgeable authority provides a better understanding of what you’re seeing.


It happens occasionally you don’t get to see a whale. These mammals are unpredictable, and while the captain will make every effort to uncover their location, some days they’re nowhere to be found. So make sure you book on a cruise that offers a guarantee sighting or you get to cruise again for free. Offering a guarantee is another good sign of a confident and experienced whale watch company.


Experienced whale watch cruise companies do not go out in rough seas, but the whale feeding grounds are normally miles from land in the open ocean. Even at the height of summer the open sea can still be choppy, and so if you suffer with motion sickness then take something about an hour before you board the cruise.


Recommended things to bring on your whale watch are a camera and plenty of film or memory cards. Take or borrow a pair of binoculars, as whales many times surface yards from the boat, and having binoculars will provide close up views other passengers just won’t get.

As for clothing, wear sneakers or something rubber-soled for good traction on a wet and slippery deck. And take sunscreen, sunglasses, and if it’s got a tie strap – a hat. Because of the breeze on open water take a sweatshirt just in case of temperature drop, especially for a late afternoon trip. The boats will go out in the rain, so if you’ve got a poncho pack it as well. I put most of my whale watch necessities in a small fanny pack.

Whales are mesmerizing mammals that’ve traveled thousands of miles to feed in their playground coastal waters. They don’t stay for long so go ahead and book your whale watch adventure and prepare for the biggest show on earth.

Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruise Port Macquarie

If you have come to Port Macquarie, Australia on holiday, you may be interested in the dolphin and whale watching cruises that have become so popular with those who travel here.

What an awesome, joyful thing it is to be able to admire these creatures of the sea in such a personal manner! This is something that many people wish to do, but are never in the right location to experience. So, if you have the chance to participate in one of these cruises, don’t pass up your chance.

There are several different establishments in the area which offer dolphin and whale watching. One out of a grouping of the best cruises is Port Macquarie Cruise Adventures.

What happens on a dolphin and whale watching cruise?

Obviously, you are going out on a boat in order to hopefully see these marine life favourites, but there is much more to a cruise that goes on behind the scenes that you probably never even knew about. Most of these establishments pay careful attention to keeping those who choose to take advantage of their services just as safe as possible.

Port Macquarie Cruise Adventures offers whale watching from May through November, when the whales migrate through the area, and coastal reef plus beach dolphin cruises from November through May. A forty foot catamaran called Discovery is used for the whale watching cruises.

Thoughtfully, only twelve people are allowed on the boat at once time. This is to insure that there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out on the deck and photograph the whales to their hearts content. The deck area is large, and wraps all the way around the boat, so you and your family should have ample space to enjoy yourself. The whale watching cruises operate daily during the months given above, and there are six cruises each day.

Those who operate the cruises have had forty years of experience with whales, and will know the best areas to go to to insure that you are able to see the whales.

Dolphins are plentiful in the waters near most of the holiday apartments Port Macquarie has to offer, so the Dolphin River Cruises that Port Macquarie Cruise Adventures has made popular are available in many different types of day cruises. As of this writing, there is a two and a half hour Scenic Eco Cruise twice a day, a three and a half hour buffet Lunch and Cruise twice a week, or any day of the week for a group.

Longer cruises to see dolphins and enjoy the scenery are available that last for an hour and a half up to four hours. You and your family or companions would most likely enjoy an Everglades Tour that lasts five and a half hours and includes tea and lunch. A sunset cruise is also available. You truly have never seen anything more beautiful than an orange-yellow sunset reflected on the water while you are serenely floating along.

Be sure to include Dolphin and Whale watching in your plans during that next Port Macquarie holiday!

Boston Whale Watch Cruise


You can go on a Boston whale watch cruise and endeavor to see one of the most endangered species, the humpback whale. Studies reveal that only approximately eight percent of their original population remains in the waters today. They grow to be around fifty feet in length and are quite the site to see when you are out in the water. Imagine this 37 ton mammal swimming right past you as you are out site-seeing. The high speed catamarans can quickly get you out into the ocean so you can begin your sight-seeing experience. The climate controlled cabin offers padded seating, tables, and snacks and beverages for purchase. You can view the beauty of this large ocean creature all from the comfort of a very comfortable boat. All from inside the boat, or out on the deck, you can capture the beauty of the scenery that is all around you.
One of the joys of experiencing the ocean includes being able to go out into the deep blue and spot whales of different species. Many people have discovered the joy of this past time experience. Once you see these creatures in person, you will look forward to all of your planned visits as this hobby can be addicting. While you are out looking at the whales, you might find the opportunity to spot a few dolphins as well. You can bring your camera and video camera if you are looking to record some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. This cruise can offer an opportunity to make a memory of a life-time. If you want to go on a Boston whale watch cruise, you can call to schedule an appointment for a guided tour. This is a great family get-away opportunity and an event that is both educational as well as fun. Adults and children alike, enjoy learning about these magnificent creatures.

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